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“My dog Dunkin has been struggling with ear problems for years Dr. Goldman was able to determine the problem and treat/ diagnose my German Shepard who has severe food allergies. With the right medication and specialty diet Dr. Goldman prescribed Dunkin Medication and has been doing great ever since. Dunkin was uneasy about a vet at first but now he absolutely loves and trusts Dr. Goldman and his team as we have visited many times due to flare ups or emergencies. We enjoy going to the vet now because when we arrive to the office it’s always a pleasant experience with great trusting staff with caring and loving personalities, and amazing over the top care. I’m always at ease when I have to leave my boy there to get the care he needs for a couple hours if needed because I know he will get top shelf care. I highly recommend Dr Goldman and his team. BEST Veterinarian around!

Again Thank you so much for all the care for my fur babies!”

-Dominique O.

“We moved to Connecticut over 20 (!) years ago and were in immediate need of a vet to continue care for our Golden Retriever Roxanne who was in the midst of chemotherapy and nearing the end of her life.

By a stroke of luck, we found Dr. Goldman and his staff. Without missing a beat, they took over Roxanne’s care and gave us the emotional support everyone needs at such times, even though they barely knew her or us.

Since then we have owned 5 more dogs (we currently have 2), all rescues of some sort, each with their own personalities and idiosyncrasies, and have entrusted their care to Canton Animal Hospital. Without exception, they have shown love and compassion to each dog, caring for them as if they were their own. They get to know all of the animals as individuals and have gotten to know us, the owners, as individuals as well.

The care and expertise we have experienced from them for our dogs has consistently been top notch. When in need, they are always available. Dr. Goldman communicates clearly about the dogs’ care, explaining any options, answering any questions we may have, and always keeping in mind what is best for the dogs.”

-Juliann and Marc H.

“When Holly our 12-year-old miniature long-haired Dachshund developed a swelling in the right side of her snout, then lost interest in food or just about anything. We knew we needed to go see a vet quickly. Since moving to this area we did not have a vet and a neighbor recommended Canton Animal Hospital.

I was so relieved when they said they could see Holly that afternoon.

The Staff and the Doctor were excellent. They looked at Holly’s condition and the state of her health then put her on antibiotics for the infection. We then came up with a plan to get her fully recovered. She has already started to be her old self due to the meds.

The Staff and Dr. Goldman were very helpful and diligent in getting relief for Holly and Holly’s whole family is very grateful for their help and support, we wish them as Happy a Thanksgiving as they have given us!

Great work! I highly recommend Dr. Goldman and commend the staff of the Canton Animal Hospital!”

-Andrew H.

“I cant be happier with the staff and expertise service that my dog Willow received here. I strongly recommend them. I was also impressed with the after care phone calls that I received .


-Joel F.

Very impressed with Dr Goldman and his staff. Friendly, caring and knowledgable. I really appreciate the care they’ve given my little IG as she recovers from her leg break.”

-Kandis S.

“As long as I live in this area, I will never take my pets to anyone other than Dr. Goldman. Not only is he a smart, informed, caring vet who loves animals and is kind to their people, but everyone he hires is the same. His practice takes excellent care of both their veterinary patients and their families.

Every time my cats go in for an appointment with Dr. Goldman, it’s like they’re visiting old friends who treat them with gentleness, love and excitement at seeing them again. Terry at the front desk greats us with enthusiasm and always has a minute or 2 to catch up since last time we saw each other. Jessica welcomes us enthusiastically with lots of pets (for the cats, sickos), as though it’s been only a couple of weeks since we were all singing karaoke together. Then Dr. Arnie comes in, pets the cats and the thermometer party starts. (Granted, that part is less fun for the cats.)

My cats haven’t needed any extraodinary care (other than an ear polyp one of them had in her youth but that turned out okay), but now that they’re reaching their dotage, I know I can trust Dr. Goldman not only to take excellent care of them, but tell me the truth. I know this because when I first moved to Canton 14 years ago, I had a beloved elderly cat with kidney disease. I explored treatments such as getting her a kidney transplant (not feasible at 18 1/2) and with the utmost compassion, Dr. Goldman helped me understand what could and couldn’t be done to improve her quality of life in her last days.

Toward the end, Dr. Goldman taught me how and when to give her fluids, which added a few weeks of good days. He was there when she passed the point of palliative treatment to gently usher her across the rainbow bridge while I pet her for the last time. His staff pressed her little foot in clay so that I’d always have something of her.

I never hesitate to board my cats at his facility when I travel because I know Dr. Arnie loves them and will make sure they’re cared for with the same love and concern they get at home.

You can trust Dr. Goldman’s practice to treat your pets with the same care and concern that you feel for your furry family members.”

-Marlane B.