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About Us

Caring for Your Pets Like They’re Our Own Since 1995

Canton Animal Hospital LLC was founded in 1995, based on the idea that a veterinary hospital could be something better than the existing norm. Veterinary medicine has often been characterized as lagging 10, 20 or even 30 years behind human medicine and that truth is often evident in the clinics and hospitals existing today. Noise, odor, insufficient cleanliness and a general lack of a dignified, professional medical atmosphere often prevailed and did not reflect well on the doctors or on the profession.

Founding doctor Arnold L. Goldman DVM, a 1986 graduate of the University of Florida , College of Veterinary Medicine , personally evaluated over 100 animal hospitals in eight states, while practicing as a locum tenens or relief doctor. He had seen and experienced what was great, and what was not so great, about all of them. Dr. Goldman had developed a unique vision for Canton Animal Hospital LLC: To create a facility and a practice which approached the level of sophistication found in a human medical facility, and with the same ability to provide excellent care. He set as his goal to duplicate only what was in the best interests of pets and pet owners, and to innovate as necessary to achieve the optimal result.

After design and initiation of the building construction project, the next step necessary to realizing the vision of a unique animal care facility, was to identify and hire skilled and dedicated staff to care for our clients and their pets. We meticulously sought individuals with the right combination of training and personality. We sought people with the ability to understand what a pet and an owner might be feeling and to respond empathetically. We have employed only highly gifted and caring individuals to work with your pets and with you. We are most proud of the skill and accomplishments of our staff.

Uniquely, Canton Animal Hospital LLC keeps veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry as its sole focus. We do not attempt to operate simultaneously as a boarding kennel, feed store, grooming salon, pet store or training center. We believe that these functions, while important, are often inherently incompatible with a modern, ethical veterinary practice. We believe we more than compensate for this in ways that enhance our core mission: a very high standard of veterinary medical care.

Factors such as cleanliness, communication, procedural safety, respect for owner’s time, responsiveness to owners needs, and an overall focus on achieving a diagnosis are all enhanced by the lack of distraction. In this way we retain the ability to remain on task, to address the immediate and future health care needs of your pet.


Procedural safety

Responsiveness to owners needs


Respect for owner’s time

Overall focus on achieving a diagnosis

What Sets Us Apart?

We're not your average veterinary clinic. Here's a snapshot of what makes Canton Animal Hospital stand out from the rest.

We are Family at Canton Animal Hospital
We’re Like Family and We Treat You Like Family

Most of our team has been working together for fifteen plus years and it shows in the positive dynamic here at our practice.

We are here when you need us at the Canton Animal Hospital
We’re Here When You Need Us Most

Dr. Arnie has been known to answer after hours calls and text messages for his existing clients, a rarity in our field.

Canton Animal Hospital gives your pet the attention it deserves
The Attention You Deserve

Many clinics book 15 minute appointments, but we give each client a half hour minimum to address all of your questions.

Canton Animal Hospital looking over pet x-rays
We’ll Walk You Through Step-by-Step

Dr. Arnie takes the time to explain any necessary procedures and information so that you can be a well-informed pet parent.

Our Mission


Providing excellent veterinary care to our patients and accurate, informed advice to our clients


Relieving animal suffering and advocating on behalf of our patients


Respecting and enhancng the lives of our employees and their families

Meet Our Team

Arnold Goldman
Dr. Arnold L. Goldman

Dr. Arnold L. Goldman has spent the majority of his professional career in companion animal practice, founding Canton Animal Hospital in Canton, Connecticut in 1995. His clinical interests include preventive and internal medicine, including oncology, surgery and patient care. His practice is based on individualized relationships with clients and their beloved pets and he strives to provide old fashioned caring alongside cutting edge patient care.

Dr. Goldman is a graduate of the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. He is currently the only veterinarian worldwide accredited as a Certified Emergency Manager® by the International Association of Emergency Managers. Active in his profession and the community, Dr. Goldman has served on many local, state, regional and national boards, as well as serving 12 years as a Canton volunteer firefighter.

He created the state's response mechanism for animals affected by disasters, and continues to chair the animal protection, emergency support function for the Capitol Region Emergency Planning Committee. He founded the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Foundation, the Connecticut State Animal Response Team (CTSART) and the Companions-in-Crisis domestic violence mitigation programs. In 2008 the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association named Dr. Goldman, Connecticut Veterinarian of the Year, and in 2017 again honored him with their Distinguished Service Award.

He is most proud of having had the opportunity to mentor a number of young people into and through veterinary school, and thereafter as young professionals into leadership roles in the veterinary medical profession. Dr. Goldman is a member of the Rotary Club of Avon-Canton and values the service work they do locally and worldwide. He believes strongly in their motto, "Service above self." He and his wife Jill live in Canton with their pets and have two grown children.

Kristen Ludwikow
Kristen Ludwikow, CVT

Kristen Ludwikow CVT, is the Canton Animal Hospital office manager and is an AAVSB certified veterinary technician. Kristen has been involved in veterinary medicine for over 25 years and is also an accomplished dog trainer. Her love for animals, and their people, is reflected in her devotion to their care, and in everything she does. An organized and effective manager, Kristen is the go-to person when any problem needs solving. She is empowered to find a way to satisfy our clients, while helping to maintain our high standards. Kristen has, and has had, many pets, and most notably, her late, mixed breed dog Jake participated in research that led to a new vaccine for malignant melanoma, a particularly serious form of cancer. This vaccine is used today to save the lives of both dogs and people. Kristen's son Peter serves our country as an airman in the United States Air Force.

Jessica Duff
Jessica Duff, CVT

Jessica Duff CVT is an honors graduate of Northwest Connecticut Community College's veterinary technology program and is an AAVSB certified veterinary technician. Jessica's deep well of practical knowledge, empathy for people and pets and broad clinical experience continue to be essential to our individualized approach to patient care. Jessica lives in Winsted with her family, which include her spouse, three children, dog Ruthie and cat Dink.

Terry Fredsall
Terry Fredsall, AS

Terry Fredsall AS, is a 2004 graduate of the Northwest Connecticut Community College's medical assistant program and serves as our senior receptionist. Terry is an excellent organizer and genuinely likes and cares about people, as well as animals. Terry is never too busy to listen to our client's concerns. Terry lives with her husband in Colebrook with her dog Sweetee and cat Mickie.