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Dear Corky, You may not have known this as clearly as the other dogs with which you shared the latter half of your life, but you were loved just as much as they. Despite the various unflattering names you were sometimes addressed by, underlying all of that was a recognition that you had a difficult life, both before you were with me because you were not considered special and then after with your many medical problems and your anxiety. You should know, that I always knew how much you were devoted to me and that I appreciated and loved you for it. It may not always have been clear to you because you had to share me with so many others, including and especially my first and main dog, Spike. While I adopted you as "Spike's Dog" you were very definitely also my dog and loved by me as well as Spike. You left a good impression on everyone who knew you through your happy personality, which you expressed through the "Corky Dance" and through your ritual head tightening procedure. Despite your many medical problems, and pain you may have had from time to time, you always remained even keeled, never aggressive to dog or person. I tried to the best of my ability to help you with those problems. I solved that longstanding middle ear problem, but was unable to overcome the eye problems and ultimately the brain problems, which led to us losing you. I wish it could have been different. Thank you for being my dog Corky, for being a friend to Spike, for helping me raise Claire and Belle and in your latter years for tolerating the addition of Hap and for being his friend. Thank you for tolerating and living with our cats and being the one dog they never worried about. Thank you for sharing your life with my family: for loving Jill, Allison and Bryan as you did me and my work family too, especially Kristen who took you home many times when I was away. Thank you also for hanging in there, in our pack, through my many recent absences and waiting for me to come home to say a proper goodbye. I loved you and will miss you terribly. I know you never understood you were already good enough and loved enough to be fully comfortable with your place in our pack. You were. I will miss you licking me indefinitely, your morning dance on the landing, your constant leaning against my leg and your quiet presence in bed each evening. Most of all I will miss your unconditional love and friendship. I hope your spirit is at peace now, free of any pain, any anxiety and those terrible seizures you faced at the end of your life. I hope you are with Spike again, both of you enjoying the warmth of the sun, and young again in body and spirit. I cried for you today, from the pain of loss for you and for all the pets I have loved and lost.You were special. I will never forget you. Love forever, Arnie 'Corky' Goldman 8/14/1995 - 6/17/2007 Rest-In-Peace

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