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I thought I would send everyone a photo of "Gath" in his Graduation cape. He was as always, a very good boy. Jonathan and I felt he really looked like he wanted to go to work. Off he went and never looked back. Perhaps we could all learn from him how not to be afraid.

Along with the help of many people we gave "Gath" the best start he could have. We will not know if he gets released for health and or behavior reasons for a few weeks. Of course my hope is that he succeeds. At the ceremony there was a graduating team, they were all so thankful and happy to be with there new friend, helper, companion, and the list goes on for what these animals do for people.

Along the way I kept being asked how can you give him up? After being asked so many times and now with the time having come. I can honestly say that a piece of my heart has been taken and I gave it to "Gath" and those who will help him move on for his intended purpose. Each animal we love touches our heart forever. Not one day will pass in which I wont wonder how he is or miss the things about him that made him such a wonderful dog. I just know that he has a reason to be here that is yet to be determined. Peter was sad about "Gath" leaving but he knows he has a job to do. I explained he is just the right age to be at college. I am sure this will take some time for him to get used too.

I will keep you posted. I hope that one day you too will consider raising a service dog. Although, it is an emotional experience, the emotions are bittersweet. These people love their dogs so much, just as much as we do and more. As I have always said "Imagine the love you would have for your pet now if you NEEDED them to do for you, not just be there for you?"
Be Well and say a prayer for "Gath" that he is well and does well.

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